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Bolt Driver Criterion DVD

Bolt Driver Criterion DVD

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Criterion #42069 

Bolt Driver is now available to own on DVD.

Thrilling, horrifying and darkly comedic, Bolt Driver is the first classic film of the 2020s. Shot entirely on iPhone before, during and after the SARS COVID-19 pandemic, it mixes found footage and knowingly over-referential homages to seventies New Hollywood cinema with Instagram and cam girl culture while exposing and capturing the rise of incel masculinity, the recycled nature of modern filmmaking and the dark side of Los Angeles. Co-Director and star Nick Corirossi delivers a disposable masterpiece fit for our modern social media obsessed age.

New 720p digital master approved by directors Nick Corirossi and Van Alpert with a compressed stereo sountrack. This dvd version presents the full vision of the directors including that the film be released as an immediate Criterion Colletion® release.

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