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Kokoskelli Patch - PREORDER

Kokoskelli Patch - PREORDER

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Kokoskelli is prepping to doot-doot into your hearts! 

These patches have 100% embroidered surface and stand at a hefty 4"H x 3"W. 

Each one comes with an iron-on backing, but I personally always recommend a backstitch or a thick ream of Fabri-Tac when adhering onto your fabric of choice. 

Though I only have a mock-up image right now, I've ordered many a patch from this company during my years on Robot Chicken and can affirm that the quality is FOINE as hell. 

Live in LA and/or coming to Bug Con? Choose the option for In-Person pickup to avoid shipping fees! 

Once I have a physical product, I will update this listing to include better photos. 

Thanks for giving these lil boos a good home!


Skelly B

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